The majority of homeowners are aware of the common inquiries to make of a roofing company they are considering, such as how long they have been in operation, references, proof of insurance, and details on warranties. However, putting in a roof is a difficult task. The little things can add up to a lot. Therefore, selecting a skilled roofer in Durham who is knowledgeable in their field is crucial. Before selecting a roofer, consider asking the following five questions:

Four Roofing-related Questions to Ask Your Roofer

Will you install drip or metal edge?

Edge or drip metal is an aluminium piece placed beneath shingles where they come off the roof. It extends out and helps direct run-off into your eavestroughs to protect your decking, fascia, and soffits. If not installed, you could spend a lot of money on water damage later on. Some fraud roofers will skip drip edging unless homeowners inquire, which is why it’s crucial to ask.

How many nails will you use per shingle?

For a standard project, your roofer in Durham must use at least four nails per shingle. But, if your home has a step-sloped roof or is in a windy place, they must use six nails per shingle to hold them firmly. 

Will you use steel in the valleys or weave the shingles?

You should be wary if your roofer promises they will weave your shingles without adding metal underneath. Woven valleys are less expensive and simpler to install for roofers but disadvantage homeowners. As the granules on the shingles are prone to wear out more quickly, they are more susceptible to early tear and wear. Metal valleys look better, are more resilient, and endure longer.


How will you protect my eavestroughs?

If inexperienced roofers don’t take precautions to protect them while working on your roof, they could potentially damage your eavestroughs. They can often employ items like troughs or ladder stabilisers as tools and supports. Before choosing a roofer, find out what safety precautions they take; otherwise, you can find yourself with a torn-up roof or damaged eavestroughs.

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