Have you spent a considerable number of years with your current roofing system? Then, there are chances that you might have faced specific issues. From structural damage to weakened internal fixtures, you can spot problems in multiple areas.

Leaky Roof is a Common Issue:

Leaky roofs are the most common phenomenon among the different roofing issues. It primarily happens due to water or moisture ingress through the roofing sheet or shingles. It can result in complex problems like internal structural damage and mould formation if ignored for a long time.

Talking About the Causes of Roof Leaks:

As a homeowner, you must not wait to contact a professional in roof repairs in Durham. They have the proven expertise and tools to fix the leak issues instantly. You can read the following section to identify the causes of roof leaks effectively.

  • Attic Condensation: Do you spot mould growth in the room directly underneath the roof? It could be a prominent sign of a leaky roof. It is likely to happen in the attic, which is also the house’s highest point. Moisture can get trapped between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. If it gets joined between two extreme temperatures, condensation happens.
  • Broken Shingles: Inclement weather can harm your roof structures. Roofs with shingles mostly face this wrath. The signs of water damage can be easily identified due to the broken shingles. If some shingles go missing or the coloured patch changes, you must take proper action. You should also look out for broken shingles in the yard after a major storm.
  • Cracked Flashing: These are pieces of metal found under the shingles and on the roof joints. The flashings create a water-resistant barrier, but when exposed, it can crack due to severe moisture ingress. Challenging weather conditions, like rain, storms, or strong winds generally cause it.
  • Clogged Gutters: The gutters are a vital installation whose primary work is to drive excess water away. Not following a regular cleaning routine can clog the gutter system. As a result, your roof gets affected by the rainwater, which can cause it to leak.

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