Are you noticing moss growth on your roof? If yes, then you need to address it, as moss can cause damage to your roof and reduce its lifespan. It not only affects the appearance of your roof but can also lead to some long-term issues if left unattended for a longer duration. But don’t fret; hiring a reputed roofing specialist for roof repairs in Durham can help you. There are several ways to get rid of moss on your roof. This blog discusses different methods to get rid of existing moss. Explore more below.

Dealing with Moss Growth on Roofs

Before moving forward straight to discussing the methods, let’s first understand what moss is.

Moss is basically non-vascular herbaceous plants that grow in wet conditions. They grow extremely rapidly and can expand all over your roof within a couple of days. They are similar to garden weeds but more invasive than that.

What promotes moss growth on roofs?

As mentioned above, moss grows in damp conditions where there isn’t much natural light. This means that a north-facing tiled roof will definitely be more susceptible to moss growth. This is because they can rapidly root in dark nooks under roof tiles. Besides, clay or concrete roof tiles can experience moss growth more quickly because of their porous properties. Hence, when such roof tiles are exposed to dampness or rain, they make room for moss growth and spread.

How Can Moss Damage Your Roof?

Though moss doesn’t cause any harm to humans, it can damage your roof severely. This is because it can absorb moisture which will eventually damage the roof.

Moss also grows in between roof tiles and continues to fill up the spaces between them. This can cause your tiles to lift, and eventually, what lies underneath is exposed to the elements. This, if not addressed on time, can result in serious structural issues like dampness in your property and rotting timber.

How Can You Get Rid of Moss?

The method selection to get rid of moss depends upon its severity.

  • If the moss growth is in its early stages and hasn’t been rooted yet, you can easily wash them off using a hose. Ensure to remove it properly to prevent further growth.
  • Another way to remove them is by scraping them away with a brush or any other tool.
  • Now, coming to the most effective way of removing moss, use a specialised moss remover. Apply the product and follow the instructions mentioned on it for quick results.

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