The roof is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any home. But people generally don’t pay attention to it until it starts damaging. A well maintained roof ensures a leak-free home. A high-quality roof can last for years with proper maintenance. Here are several signs that tell you to need a service for roof repairs in Durham.

What are the Signs of a Damaged Roof?

Water Damage

First, note that damp and water damage aren’t the same. A leaky roof can leave stains on your ceilings. Even if the watermarks are slight, it indicates that water is seeping in via your roof because of a crack or hole. Water can actually damage your roof to such a great extent that you may need roof replacement which will be expensive. We suggest not ignoring it even if the problem seems small and calling a roofing specialist for repairs.

Damaged or Loose Roof Tiles

Examine your roof, especially after stormy weather, to check if any tiles are missing, damaged, or loosen. This is best repaired as soon as possible. Not paying attention to such problems can deteriorate your roof massively. You may need replacement if your roof tiles are severely worn.

Mould and Moss

The build-up of mould and moss on the exterior of the roof can create gaps between the roof tiles which will eventually allow rainwater penetration into your house. Besides, your whole slates can also break apart during winter due to moisture penetration. A roofer can treat such issues, or you can use a chemical treatment to eliminate this problem.

Dirty Gutters

Gutters can clog up easily due to twigs, leaves and debris accumulating. You must ensure to clean them regularly as they can damage your roof. Over time, you may notice a few loose granules on your roof, which is natural. An increase in this residue needs treatment.

Attic Leaks

Check your attics for leakage. Circular stains on the walls indicate water penetration. Condensation build-up, missing tiles or broken seals can cause attic leaks. Annual roof checks can keep such problems at bay, including going into the attic and examining the walls for moisture. You can use a breathable membrane under slates to allow ventilation of damp air.

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